Privat Investigation Service Privat Investigation Service

Privat Investigation Service

The Helmberger detective agency has existed since 2003 and carries out observations and investigations throughout Austria. We provide private investigation services for individuals and businesses.

The term detective comes from the Latin “detegere”. It means something like “uncover” or “discover”. Depending on the activity, they are called private detectives or business detectives. In Austria, detectives are referred to as professional detectives. The profession is regulated in the trade regulations. The activity is legal and recognized in court.

A detective investigates and observes on behalf of his client. The information is provided in a report and as photos. Some information will be used as evidence later. He is a welcome witness in court. A legitimate interest is required for a proper order. The professional detective is not a snooper or stalker, he is rather an organ of the administration of justice.

Modern detectives work in teams. On the one hand there are specializations, on the other hand there are tactical reasons for this. The methods of private and commercial detectives are research, observation, investigation and technical operations. The investigator abides by the law in all of his activities. Data protection is particularly important in this context today.

Private detective

A private detective usually works for private individuals and takes care of cases in their private lives. Often it is about partnership and marriage or evidence of divorce. Work relating to children is also on the agenda. This is about the child’s well-being, custody or the arrangement of visits. Because it can be difficult for people to live together, the private detective also investigates disputes in the neighborhood or helps people who are being stalked.

Business detective

The business detective usually investigates for companies and handles cases that have to do with the company’s activities. Dishonest employees or the competition are mentioned here first. Customers and suppliers can also find themselves in the crosshairs of business detectives. Typical cases include abuse of sick leave, undeclared work or unfair competition.

It goes without saying that a detective is discreet. He works undercover and only speaks about the case with his client. This confidentiality is also regulated by law.