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Detektei HELMBERGER – private investigations in Vienna and Austria  for more than 20 years

For 20 years, our detectives have been providing information and evidence in various legal areas and issues. As professional detectives, we represent the interests of our clients.

We are diligent, precise, discreet, and typically „invisible.“ In court, we are recognized as objective witnesses and contribute to the administration of justice.

We successfully investigate for private clients, businesses, and lawyers throughout Austria, providing clarity and security for internal or private decisions or as a basis for legal action with compelling reports.

Typical topics of our customers.
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Lukas Helmberger
Private Investigator & Owner of Detektei HELMBERGER & Partner KG

Since 1994 an investigator, since 2003 a professional detective and owner of HELMBERGER & Partner KG, Lukas Helmberger leads the investigative team.

Before starting his own company, Lukas Helmberger worked as an investigator for an Austrian intelligence service, where he was able to complete a variety of qualifications and courses both domestically and abroad as part of his work.

Field of activity of our investigators

The use of professional detectives in Austria is regulated by the Austrian Trade Regulation Act. Detectives use legal means to obtain investigation results on behalf of other individuals or companies.

Not always is it about legal disputes, often it is about the legitimate interest in investigating incidents or individuals. From uncovering irregularities in a company to conducting background checks on a person who suddenly plays a role in a family’s life, and whose interests seem unclear.

Private Investigators Observe

Our investigators regularly conduct covert surveillance to gather information or secure evidence. They document and record the proceedings with strong evidence for further use by our clients and presentation in court.

PI’s investigate

Detectives covertly question informants or make contact under an alias. Information and insights relevant to the investigation can be used in court, where the informant can be confronted with provable statements.

We do research

Detectives are professionals in obtaining information. Registers, databases, offices and directories are queried to obtain relevant information – or to find leads to new sources that can provide the desired information to our clients.

Investigators consult

How to protect oneself against information leakage from the company? How to determine if one is being monitored? How to communicate sensitive content securely?

HELMBERGER & Partner provides advice and clear recommendations for action to increase security for individuals and companies.

PI’s report and testify

Investigation findings provide security and clarity to our clients. However, the art of professional detectives is also to present our findings in a court-admissible manner.

Our investigators are reliable witnesses in court, and our case reports are both evidence-based and incriminating.

Why a PI and not the police?

Private investigators act on a case-by-case basis. There does not need to be a crime or offense that affects the interests of the state. Usually, detectives deal with civil law issues.

However, if a crime is committed, our detectives work exclusively for our client, while the police have to handle cases according to their importance and resources. With a detective, the client decides!

The decision on what happens with the evidence obtained by us lies solely with the client. This allows issues to be resolved internally within companies or families.

BerufsdetektivassistentIn (m/w/d)
Region: Bewerbungen österreichweit

Werden Sie Mitglied unseres Teams als BerufsdetektivassistentIn in unserem Unternehmen an.

BerufsdetektivassistentIn (m/w/d) im Erhebungsdienst
Region: Wien

Auf der Suche nach dem etwas anderen Job?

Dann bietet sich die Möglichkeit in einer Beschäftigung als BerufsdetektivassistentIn in unserem Unternehmen an.

Investigation regionally leads to investigative success

PI’s and offices in all major cities in Austria

We value personal contact with our customers and are aware of regional peculiarities. Through our location network, we work with local investigators and use inconspicuous license plates.

Our location network also allows us to offer arrival and departure times for our customers with a maximum 30-minute flat rate.

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